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Oral Surgery Procedures

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth removal is a common service we perform in the office, particularly for young adults.  As wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause other teeth in your mouth to shift, therefore effecting your smile.  It can also be an uncomfortable process during the erupting period, which also leads people to elect to have them removed.  Erupting is when a tooth breaks through the surface of the gum, much like when babies go through the teething process.

When you visit your dentist, he/she may determine a treatment plan that involves removing 1 or more of your teeth.  This may be to prepare you for dentures, to reduce crowding or simply because the tooth is decayed and is no longer viable.

It is also common that your orthodontist may refer you to remove certain teeth to prepare you for braces.

Surgical Exposure of Impacted Teeth
A surgical exposure is when a tooth needs a little help erupting.  Most commonly, your orthodontist will refer you to us for an exposure to aid the erupting of a tooth so that braces can eventually be fitted to bring that tooth in line with the rest of your smile.  Usually a small chain will be attached as part of this process.  

Dental Implants
All of our oral surgeons perform dental implants.  A dental implant is a permanent solution to missing teeth in the mouth.  The procedure consists of multiple stages of which the beginning steps are performed in our office and the finishing steps at your general dentist’s office.  Not every patient is a candidate for dental implants.   This is something that can be determined after a doctor examines you and studies your x-ray. 

Occasionally with dental implant patients, bone grafting is needed to prepare the area to support an implant.  Especially after extraction, the missing tooth area can be weak or brittle and may require bone grafting in order for an implant procedure to be successful.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)
Many people suffer from the symptoms of TMJ disorder.  Unfortunately, there are is not really a cure, but rather different ways of managing it.  For people who feel this is an issue they may have, we will bring you in for an examination.  From that point, depending on the severity of your case, the doctor will share his recommendations or refer you for further treatment if necessary.


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